HRIS Permata (Human Resources Integrated System)

*** Payroll Application integrated with Attendance and Personnel Module


With .Net Technology and SQL Server database, HRIS Permata has a secure, strong and powerful database system. To fulfill so many changes in such rules of UMK (Upah Minimum Kota), Overtime, Allowances, Deductions, Taxes and Insurance, we provide regulatory settings and formula  to produce a system that is more flexible and easier to use.


According to our concept to create a better service, we are always thinking about how to satisfy our customer, providing the application that easy to use, efficient, integrated and accurate. Many staff feel bored working because they never feel how much easier if the job they were assisted by the system. Many businessman and their staff have to work overtime, spend a lot of time and money and paper because they still working manually. With HRIS system, we ensure that you will be helped and get better support, easier to control your workforce, productivity, time-efficient and secure.


Personnel Module

  • Employee Master Data, General Information, Personal Information, Salary Information, Employee History Data (Contract, Family, Medical, Leave, Attendance, Training and Education, Payroll History)
  • Employee Contract Management
  • Employee Leave Record and Employee Leave Self Service (Leave submission & Leave Approval) can send direct notification by approval and submitter email address.
  • medical claims data
  • Bus Arrangement, Uniforms, Shoes, Meals etc
  • Training: training data of each employee, report employee training and training history of each employee
  • Warning Letter and blacklist data
  • Request for Approval of Overtime and Leave
  • Automatic notification of the employee finished contracts, overtime and leave requests.

Payroll Module

  • Payroll Adviser, Payroll History.
  • Customize Payroll Report.
  • Payroll Report, Pay slip, Bank List, Insurance/Jamsostek, BPJS & Tax Report
  • User can Define Basic, OT, Allowance and Deduction Formula.
  • All Formula (Basic, OT, Allowance, Deduction, Tax and Insurance) can link/ integrated with Employee Category (Grade) or employee allowance/ deductions.
  • Tax Setup (PTKP, Gross Up/ Gross Net Formula, Local/ Expart).
  • Cash Payment Details Report.
  • Bank Upload to BCA, BNI, Mandiri, HSBC, etc.
  • Payroll History and Monthly Comparison for each salary component such as basic salary, allowance, deduction and overtime.
  • Upload to e-SPT.



 HRIS Permata : Payroll System With Attendance & Personnel

Attendance Module

  • Auto download from punch card/ finger machine.
  • Formula Builder, to handle man-hours calculation, over time, break hour, allowance index, night shift, meal allowance index, incentive etc
  • Group and Shift Schedule: Automatic Employee Work Shift.
  • Handle Employee Project, Piece (Borongan).
  • Reports : badge/ID Card, Attendance Report, Overtime Report, and other reports group by employee department, division, work group. Report can show Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly.
  • Audit overtime report.
  • Security Data Facility : User Permission, Auto Backup, Activity Log
  • Employee List Report, New Hire, Resigned and Finish Contract Report.



Salary Analys


Report Designer









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